About SmartArrays

SmartArrays, Inc. was founded in California in 1999 by software industry veterans with decades of background in Array Processing, and a vision of bringing the power of array technology to today's web-driven analytic applications.  In 2005 we moved our headquarters to the Washington, DC area.

Background at IBM, Manugistics, General Electric

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and integrity.


James  G. Wheeler has more than 30 years experience in business applications of array technology. He is the former head of the APL Products Division of Manugistics, Inc (previously STSC), where he led the development of award-winning APL products that dominated the market on PCs and workstations.   An entrepreneur and management consultant since 1994, James has helped a number of large corporations and financial institutions apply array technology to analytical applications.

James A. Brown, PhD. is one of the computing world's leading authorities on array technology and spent nearly 30 years at the center of IBM's array technology efforts.   Jim is the inventor of APL2, IBM's advanced array-oriented software development environment.  Under his leadership, APL2 became and remains the industry's dominant server-side array programming environment.  Jim is the recipient of outstanding technical achievement awards from IBM and the Association for Computing Machinery.  He has worked as an independent consultant and entrepreneur since leaving IBM in 1996.